Cloudera is a company that provides technical support, training, customizations and bugfix for Big Data Hadoop solution. Cloudera does not market Hadoop because Hadoop is an open-source technology like Linux. A competitive advantage of Cloudera is that some of the company's employees are the people who created Hadoop and are still responsible for all software updates and revisions proposed by the technology community.

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Cloudera Hadoop is at the top of the list of major Hadoop data providers as it has a reliable platform for commercial use since 2008. Cloudera, founded by a group of Yahoo, Google and Facebook engineers, it is focused on providing enterprise Hadoop solutions. Cloudera Hadoop has about 350 customers, including the US Army, AllState and Monsanto. Some of them with 1000-node deployment in a Hadoop cluster for data analysis of about one Petabyte. Cloudera has a friendly management system, called Cloudera Manager, for data management and technical support.

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