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Find out how we can help you analyze your data and generate insights with our solutions.

Ethics, knowledge, commitment to results, team spirit and attitude are critical factors for this success.


Since 1999, Arbit Brazil has been consistently providing consulting services and Custom-made data intelligence solutions


In 2019, we launched Arbit USA, in Fort Lauderdale. Sharing the same customer portfolio, Arbit Brazil and Arbit USA work together to improve services and deliver high quality projects, developing the brand in both markets.


We are a company driven by strategic vision, innovation and agile principles. Our portfolio has more than 450 projects delivered to companies in many different industries in United States, Brazil and other countries.


Our foundations are premised on the human value, ethics and responsibility. Taken together, these principles represent our work philosophy, which reflects in our daily actions and extends to our customers.


Turning technology into value

The recognition of this philosophy resulted on Arbit being awarded as one of the Best Places to Work in Brazilian IT market on Great Place to Work ranking, for five years in a row.

Arbit solutions

Cloud Computing

Trust the cloud! Get availability, flexibility and security in administration of your data. Migration of on-premises environments to Cloud.

Advanced Analytics

Comprehensive and multidimensional, it uses a wide range of data sources, predictive modeling, and machine learning to find patterns and insights that are not obvious in the data.

Business Intelligence

We transform raw and disperse data into valuable information, giving decision-makers more clarity, flexibility and autonomy.

Big Data

A set of technologies, processes and practices that allow companies to analyze large volumes of data, make decisions or even manage activities much more efficiently.

Software Development

A team of experts, cutting-edge technologies and with agile methodologies, we understand your business and transform in efficient applications.


Do you need quick and easy implementation solutions to optimize your business? Get introduced to our pre configured applications.



Corrective and preventive maintenance without the necessity to have an internal team with specific knowledge in different IT solutions. Support can be given through the web, phone, remote access or co-located.

Software factory

Implementation of activities control management, communication with the customer, version and bugs control, cost reduction and quality and productivity enhancements.

Defined scope project

We elaborate the scope with all the functionalities and requirements of the project. After this definition, we will start negotiating efforts, costs, and timelines for implementation.

Professionals outsourcing

The outsourced employee works directly in the execution of the tasks as required by the client, or can be supervised to ensure productivity, quality and organization of the tasks.

Our key technology partners

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Parceria Oracle

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